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Technical Bureau
We interprete developed projects in 2D and 3D platforms:
     • 1 Post SOLIDWORKS Professional
     • 1 Post SOLIDWORKS Premium
     • 1 Post AUTOCAD LT
     • 1 Post CAM – PRO/TOOLMAKER
     • 1 Post CAD/CAM LANTEK
     • 1 Post Hipermill
Installed capacity to perform heavy parts or specific projects:
Oxy-fuel Max. 200mm, 4000x2500mm
Plasma HD Max. 50mm, 12000x2500mm
Shot Blasting Max. 2500x8000mm
Bending Machine Max. 100mm, 4000mm
Brake Bending Machine Max. 40mm, 4000mm
Welding 10 welding stations MIG/MAG
Welding 1 welding station TIG
Welding Welding robot with orbital positioners max. 7000mmx3300mm
Manual lathe Max. Ø660x2000mm
Milling machine Max. 1000x500x500mm
CNC Lathe Machine Max. Ø200x1000mm
CNC Lathe Machine Max. Ø380x2000mm
CNC 3 axis "Ram type" Max. 2500x800x800mm
CNC 3 + 2 axis "Ram type" Max. 5000x2000x1500mm
CNC 3 + 2 axis "Ram type" Max. 10000x2500x1500mm
CNC 3+2 eixos “Gantry type” Max. 3200x1900x1000mm
CNC 3+2 eixos “Gantry type” Max. 4200x3000x1500mm
Paint Drying Booth Max. 11000x5000x3500mm
Materials used:
    • High tensile steels S690QL Weldox 700, Domex 500
    • Structural steels S355, S275, S235
    • Wear resistant steels Hardox 400, Hardox 450, Hardox 500
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